biblical guidance

Biblical Guidance

Our Care Ministry offers biblical guidance for members and regular attendees of Passion Church. These consults are not typical counseling sessions; instead, they serve more as an informal discussion with one of our pastors.

Our goal is to provide a biblical perspective of wisdom and encouragement for whatever season of life you’re in; and offer suggestions on appropriate next step(s). Our pastors may also offer referrals for those facing more serious challenges.

Please don’t walk through difficult times alone; we’re here to help. Some of the issues we discuss are: marriage struggles, challenging parent-child relationships, overcoming fear or depression, alcohol and/or drug abuse, tension, anxiety, or worry. This time can also serve to address questions, doubts or concerns about the Christian faith. In short, we’re here to help you through any challenge that may be keeping you from experiencing the God-First-Life.


Our Care Ministry offers biblical guidance and support to members and regular attendees of Passion Church, at no cost to you.

Making an Appointment

We accept appointments between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm, Tuesday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, call our church at 612-562-9451.

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